The BeFit
‘Holistic Human Conditioning™ Method’

At the heart of BeFit is what we call our ‘Holistic Human Conditioning™’ Method.
It’s designed to work with your body to maximise training effectiveness, achieving results rapidly, safely and sustainably. Avoiding plateaus and maintaining motivation.



Metcon Training

High intensity sessions with work/rest ratios designed to work with your body’s natural energy systems to build endurance, power and strength while optimising calorie burn during and post workout.

Progressive Peak Philosophy

Specifically designed 12 week cycles that alternate peak effort and tapering periods to avoid burnout and demotivating plateaus.

Total Personalisation

Personalisation is at the heart of everything we do.
Our 3 signature programs BeStrong, BeLean and Limit are the first level.
Then we get specific to you.
All members are assessed by our in-house physio and training staff ensuring personalization within a program, so you’re taken to your edge but never over it.
And for those keen to ensure no stone is left unturned our nutritionist will develop your personalised meal plan.

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