Holistic Human Conditioning™

BeFit is more than a franchising opportunity. It’s an invitation to be a part of something. It’s a way of life. And it’s not for everyone. We’re for personal trainers at the cutting edge of the industry. Those who can give more and who want more. More impact. More satisfaction. More returns.
Those who want to build something to be proud of.

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Proprietary Software

BeFit Backbone™ is our industry leading software solution that all but automates running a BeFit franchise.

Win/Win Approach

We do things differently than other fitness franchises, charging only a simple per member per week fee and guaranteeing no franchise overlap.

Curated Community

We’ve created a community that truly binds with members 3 x more likely to stick with their training than the industry average, driving their results and yours.

Flexible Framework

Our three proven programs and overarching Holistic Human Conditioning Method™ balance scalability with the ability for experienced trainers to personalise.

Sustained Support

Our ongoing support program includes trainer training and recruitment, online exercise library, systemised inbound marketing programs, sales training and local area marketing campaigns, and preferential equipment pricing.

Franchising often gets a bad name, particularly in the fitness industry, which is why we are re-inventing the franchise relationship. When considering an opportunity make sure it can tick these boxes:
✓ No ongoing retainer
✓ Simple per member/week fee
✓ No cannibalisation
✓ Affordable set up
✓ Software driven
✓ Flexibility within a proven framework
✓ Ongoing support

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