What is Befit

Our service offering is a revolutionary approach, provided by the best coaches and people.

We run unique programs:

BeLean is our female-specific strength program. With a posterior chain focus written by women, for women. The goal is to build a strong foundation while improving body composition.

BeStong is our premium high-performance program for those wanting a targeted approach to develop into a hybrid athlete.

BeFit is our universal conditioning method. Here, we bring members from both BeLean & BeStrong together, with the goal of improving fitness.

Is BeFit suitable for all fitness levels?

BeFit’s service offering is strength and conditioning customised for beginners to professional athletes, and exercises can be scaled accordingly. We will conduct a pre-screening consultation personalised for you, and our programming caters to your needs and goals.

How do I book in a Trial?

You can book your Trial session via our webpage HERE.

Is BeFit suitable during pregnancy?

BeFit can scale all of our programs accordingly, however, we recommend consulting your physician.

If I have any queries about my membership or club who do I speak to?

Our coaches and staff members are more than happy to help you with any queries or feedback that you have. You can also contact us at

I have billing errors or need to update my account information. Who do I contact?

To make a general enquiry regarding payments or billing, contact us at

Can I put my membership on hold?

Absolutely! You can put your membership on hold for up to 6-weeks at a time. Just let us know by emailing us at

What if I need to cancel my membership?

We understand that circumstances change or that you may move from the area and need to cancel your membership. If you wish to cancel your membership at any stage, simply let us know by emailing us at All we require is 14-days notice to cancel your payments.

I’m interested in opening my own BeFit. Where can I learn about franchise opportunities?

I’m interested in opening my own BeFit. Where can I learn about franchise opportunities?

Many of our franchise owners started as members! Please visit our ‘Start a BeFit’ page.